About Mo Snaps...

Mo Snaps Ltd was founded by photographer, Monique Robinson, in 2017. After studying photography in London during her teens, she went on to freelance across England before settling in one of the UK's largest family portrait companies, PixiFoto. Now, Monique is running her own photography business, Mo Snaps Ltd, capturing memorable moments from live events to intimate celebrations. 

Mo Snaps works closely with clients to deliver a tailor-made service for each individual. Mo Snaps' personal approach helps to bring out the best in all clients during each photo shoot, leaving them feeling uplifted and empowered. There is never a dull moment in the world of Mo Snaps. Mo Snaps loves teaming up with other creatives and will often travel far and wide to connect with people for a great cause or campaign. So, if you fancy collaborating or having Mo Snaps as your photographer then be sure to get in touch! 

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